My Teenage Years Versus My Children’s

Chores a real thing in the 80’s

Ah yes, my teenage years were spent in the 1980s and what a fantastic decade. We were individuals and suffered from materialism and all of this was reflected in our fashion and more importantly our hairstyles! Wow, we had lots of them and if we are being honest most of us are thankful social media didn’t exist and thus the evidence is lost and we are not the subject of mockery with our children! I can hear my parents saying don’t eat it all in one sitting when we were your age we had rations, it was the war years. Naturally it all went over my head, the top 40 was about to come on the radio or my friends an I were gathering around the tv to watch MTV!

Back to hair, cmon you know it was a BIG part of the 80s and a big part on our head. Big Hair, volume was in the form of long and curly hair inspired by many of the bands and reflected on screen, hair was everywhere! The Mullet, a favourite of mine, Mel Gibson, Rob Lowe, Cher and omg Ellen DeGeneres. Curls and Perms, this style could achieve incredible heights with hair spray. The perm was popular and our spring heroes wore it with pride, Kevin Keegan and our movie stars, Brooke Shields and singer Dolly Parton. Punk, ripped and studded fashion was the rage, bleached hair with spikes and an innovative use of hair colour was common and it contributed to my baldness. Thank you Billy Idol. Ponytails with Scrunchies, of course ponytails have been around for ages but the scrunchies added serious fashion and it could be worn high or to the side and was complemented with bright fabric which could cause eye damage! Aqua-net Bangs, the less said the better. The Hi-Top Fade, yes it added not inches but feet to ones height. Kid N Play and Salt-N-Pepa made this style popular. Princess Diana, cropped, voluminous and fluffed, the Princess of Wales’ hair was a style all its own. This look was so popular, that women all over the world were rushing to their hairdressers in order to get their own version! Wild hair, this is hard to define but Cindy Lauper and Madonna wore it and changed it often!

The sound of the 1980s was all about image, MTV was born the bands image became super important and nothing was understated including the music, fashion and it was the decade of Live Aid, charity was significant. Hip Hop, New Wave and Hair Metal was born and is a bing influencer in sound today. We were spoilt for options and some have lasted to today, Madonna, U2, Queen Tears for Fears, Bon Jovi, AC/DC and Guns n Roses to name but a few.

So what’s different today, this is hard to explain without sounding like my parents but I have fallen into that trap and screamed, “I would have loved that when I was your age” or “Your not going out looking like that!”

When I was a teenager I cycled everywhere and when I wasn’t peddling I was on foot, walking. A form of exercise alien to teenagers today. The Dad or Mum taxi hadn’t been invented.

Homework, there was no connecting to the internet and a tap of a button and whosh all the information is there ready to copy and paste. No, we had books and libraries where we had to find the information ourselves and then write it out. I didn’t dare not do it and for two very good reasons. My parents wouldn’t give me a note and I was scared of my teacher.

The mobile phone sends me to space and takes years off my life. Imagine a payphone and a house phone with a cord going into the wall and more often then not a lock on it

The top 40 came out on Sunday and it wasn’t streamed we had to wait to find out who was number one, Spotify, my good god how lucky are they. I was hanging out my bedroom window trying to get a signal.

Amazon Prime, Netflix etc how lucky are our kids. Watching a recently released movie in the 80’s meant a trip to the video store and renting the movie and of course trying to make yourself look older to get the 16+ movie. Then you would arrive and no doubt the movie was already on loan. No such problems today, press the button on your tablet (not a pill) or phone and whosh it arrives and no ID needed. Yes, I still haven’t figured out the parental controls. Fame, Dirty Dancing, The Breakfast Club and Footloose oh we were rebels without a cause. Streets of Fire I wanted to go Nowhere Fast with Diane Lane after all Tonight is what it means to be young!

My pet hate is selfies, I just don’t get it. Crowds of teenagers with phones held high and click and whosh its in the cloud. Seriously its cloudy why do I want me picture up there. Call me traditional I would rather wait the two weeks to collect mine from the developer and be suitable disappointed when they are all blurred! At least no evidence to be use against me at a later date.

I loved the 80’s, It was so much simpler and I knew who my real friends were and certainly didn’t have a thousand followers. Chatting is not the same as texting and when you arranged to meet you turned up! A window was just something I looked out of in school whilst I dreamed and an apple was in my lunchbox!

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