My Journey To Finding My Birth Mum. I’m Adopted. Part One.

I struggled with fears that I would be disloyal to my parents if I was to search for my biological parents. My parents never hid the truth about me being adopted. They didn’t have a whole pile of information but what they knew they told me. I never thought that my parents would fear the fact that one day I would hunt down my natural parents and leave them. I did search for my biological parents and I was never going to swap over my loyalty and feelings I had/have for my real parents. My Mum and Dad had brought me up and loved me unconditionally. My reason for searching was, I was lucky enough to start my own family and was for the first time worried that I did not have historic medical information. If there was any underlining problems I should be aware of? I never really wondered how my parents would feel/react about any interest I would have, with my search for my birth parents. They had asked if I had any desire to locate them but I had always said no. I knew when I eventually decided to try and find them the emotions would be painful and difficult so I did not to tell them of my intentions.

Of course not every adopted person will express an interest to locate their birth family. Some of us become aware that most adoptions occur due to financial and/or emotional reasons. In my case my biological mother was 16 when she became pregnant with me and 17 when I was born. Her family were staunch right winged catholics so having me out of wedlock was not an option. Ironically I learned that my biological grandfather had an affair and a daughter from that relationship exists. Do as I say not as I do!

I was adopted in England so my search began with the little info I had. I was able to track down the institute I was adopted from easily and from there I phoned and was put through to a wonderful nun, Sister Austin. If there are such things as angels she is definitely one. We spoke over the phone and I sent off the documentation I had and from there my journey began. The next step was to travel over to Bristol, have an interview and a psych evaluation. It was explained to me that she may be dead or have no interest in meeting me or they just might not be able to locate her. They were able to give me some information on both of my biological parents which I was able to take away. 

This was very strange, as I was in my thirties and I was looking at something a child wrote whom happened to be my birth mother. It made me very emotional and filled me with sorrow. I’m not sure if it was a connection or just the fact I had a 2 year old daughter at home and wanted to protect her and be there for her, no matter what. I have 2 daughters now and I honestly believe this process inspired me to make a lot of changes. Since 2008 I have been front and centre in the upbringing of my girls. In 2013 my marriage ended and I am lucky enough to have 50% custody of my girls. My eldest has no real need for Dad and no matter how cool I think I am, well I’m not. My youngest is very close to having no real need for me except for guidance. In years to come I look forward to hearing whether I did a good job or if I was a complete fail. There really is no way of telling and I wonder if my adoption or experiences in boarding school equipped me with the right tools. Time will tell.

I received a call from Sister Austin and they had found her and she was interested to make contact with me. I was full of mixed emotions, the main one guilt. Had I let my parents down? They had done everything for me and more. Should I just call everything off? I had come this far and I thought back to a young 17 year old girl having to give her baby up. I decided to keep going. As long as my parents never found out, nobody would get hurt!

My wife thought I should be upfront and come clean. I explained my mother would be hurt and I could not do that to her and me. This conversation went on for a long time and in the end I was frank with my decision that I did not want my parents knowing. My wife and I were at opposites for this decision, but I believed it was mine to make.

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